Content Creation - Best Traffic Generating Method Online?

  Is content creation the best traffic generating method online? This is a simple question that has been asked from many a newbie to the online marketing arena. So is this the best way to build your list and promote your business online? The simplest answer is YES, and here is why.

Content creation is still and will always be the best traffic generating method of marketing online, the question is...why? Because it is specifically targeted not only for the search engines to find and rank, but for specific businesses and groups of individuals to find easily. From here on out on this particular piece of content some may argue the points with me, but at the end of the day...I get a great amount of traffic online and traffic that converts easier and faster.


Every day online I talk with individuals, e-mail individuals about the questions they ask. Most of the time it is about the latest promotion, software or affiliate product they are either looking at or, they have already purchased. For those that have purchased the latest "traffic generating craze" usually ask me how it works and or, if it will ever work. Sorry, but I did not purchase it because I know that making 40K in a month on ClickBank is uncommon.

Now some may say that it has happened, and that it has, but for the people looking at these programs usually have no idea what it takes to create success here (notice I said create?). Success online through solid online or Internet marketing skills learned and applied is what has led many of us to the top, not hoping for the best with yet another $37 dollar product...sorry, but it is true.

Creating Solid Content

Creating solid and trustworthy content through your website and blogs is where it is at, if you do not believe me just look at the "Panda Algorithm" Google came out with. This particular algorithm was designed to put more emphasis on your quality original content, and get rid of the mindless spat of an affiliate opportunity selling drone. There are some products, services and programs that are truly worth it, but these are usually high ticketed items that can save time and trouble however, there are not many of them and there is a learning curve to them.

Content spinners are one of the systems or products that many ask me about, and to tell you the truth...I do not use them. Spinning articles first off can be detrimental to your website, besides, if you get your post ranked high and you see your video on the same SERP result...who cares about spinning. Original pieces is what the search engines are looking for and so are many individuals online today.

The Best Method For Traffic?

Although it takes some effort, and it takes some gumption, this is the best method for generating traffic online, but why? This is a simple answer, specifically targeted traffic! See, when someone in the world decides to look up "how to find success online" because they would like to know exactly what it takes, I know that they are looking at something specific. Or, when they search out "how to guarantee success online" I know what they want from their efforts online. They are specifically targeted!

Publishing reviews from posts, pages or articles is another way to use your content creation skills once learned to direct specifically targeted traffic as well. Some ask me where they can get quick targeted traffic, I say REVIEWS! The traffic is already there and waiting, all you need to do is create a good piece of information and jump in front of that traffic. Creating this content not only works now, but it continually works for you every day of every year.

Blogging, Posts, Articles and More...

Blogging and creating post content within such platforms as WordPress or others like Joomla are by far better than just spinning useless articles. The search engines themselves attest to this fact with the latest algorithm changes that they look for original content and SLAP that which is not. Whether you are a beginner or newbie to online marketing or not, your posts, pages, articles and videos should be original to truly create solid targeted traffic online.

Content Creation is the best traffic generating method online today, and it probably will be for some time to come. The most amazing thing about this is the fact of why people pay more attention to it than any other method online...they love YOUR IMPERFECTIONS! Yes, people still buy from people, even online. You do not have to be perfect here, just original and informative to find the traffic and create the success you are looking for from home.

When the time comes that you decide you or your company is in need of a website, there are many things that need to be consider For many, the world of website development is a complete mystery. This article will hopefully provide you with a little ammunition to bring to your potential web designer's doorstep. When working with a web designer, you need to know what type of website will work best for your business. There are two different types of websites that you will need to consider: a dynamic website, and a static website.

So whats the difference?

Static Website: The pages of these websites are generally not updated, the content that they include remains the same, and is generally updated by the web designer should the need arise. These websites are best for companies who want to convey basic information about their company, and don't intend to update their site often.

Dynamic Website: The pages on these websites are always changing. Whether the website contains a blog, or regularly updated information, it is always changing. These websites work best with a content management system (or cms) as they need to be updated quickly.

These are your two basic break downs of website types. So now it's time to ask yourself, "which type of website do I need?" Depending on the amoun of effort you would like to put into your website, the decision can be pretty simple, and here's why. Search engines love content, and they love new and fresh content. Think of a website like a fruit basket. You start out with a variety of fruits, and as people come by the basket, they start taking the fruit away, and it has to be replenished.

On the other hand, if a second fruit basket is present, with already aged fruit, that basket will remain the way it is, and people will not enjoy it's delicious fruit as it has been there for too long. This is how search engines look at a website. If the content stays the same, the spiders and search robots will gradually stop coming by, and will eventually result in your website being passed in the rankings. Regularly updated content creates an incentive for both search engine and people to keep coming back.

The Top 10 Benefits to Using a CMS on Your Website:

Easy to Use: In most situations, a content management system will allow content to be updated by just about anyone usng a WYSIWYG editor.

No HTML Coding Required: This ties in with the first benefit. Because your website will feature a WYSIWYG editor, updates will be done using an interface similar to popular word processing software rather than editing code.

Rapid Updating: Updates that require no HTML coding take much less time to create or edit. Simply type up your article, bold a few phrases, create a few headers and links and your article is ready to be published.

Multiple Authors: With many open source CMS's, with administrator registration, multiple people can create content. By registering multiple authors in the back end, you can create a workforce to keep your website fresh with new content, and take some of the workload off of your back.

SQL Database Based: With all of your content stored in a database rather than HTML files, you save a lot of space and create better organization. This results in almost unlimited articles and content and much faster load times!

Design and Content Separation: Afraid of letting other people update your site? Afraid of updating your own site for fear of messing up the layout? Fear no more! A content management system is database driven, so you can create and update all the content on your website in a completely design free environment, meaning no more accidental HTML deletion.

Administrator Back End: With many open source content management systems, there are two admin panels. A front end panel and back end panel. Separating the two allows you to have multiple people working on the website, and gives you control over who has access to what functions.

Search Engine Friendly: Most CMS's have some sort of SEO functionality built in. This means your website will have the ability to place keywords in your URLs, which means better chances of getting found in search results.

Fresh Content: With an easy to use system, you're more likely to spend more time developing content and less time coding. The better your content, and the more you have, the more likely you are to drive in customers, and keep them coming back.

Secure Website: Most good content management system will have built in update and security functionality. This means that updating is easier, and more likely to happen often. A website that is regularly updated to the latest security software is much less likely to fall victim to an attack!


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