Body Clock Link to Heart Disease

 How circadian rhythm or body's 24 hour clock affects our health and wellbeing is widely studied and recorded around the globe. Many studies have indicated the direct link between circadian rhythm and obesity, circadian rhythm and high blood and even circadian rhythm and cardiovascular diseases.

The foundlings of many studies are in line to support the claim that sleep deprivation may be crucial factor for developing of high blood and heart diseases later on. It's known for a long time now that shift workers, long-distance flight crews and sleep deprived people have an increased risk of heart problems.

The early study carried out by Japanese researchers and published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, show that the risk of heart disease increase 1.68-fold among those who sleep fewer than 7.5 hours per night.

Furthermore, short sleep and high night time blood pressure, increases the risk of cardiovascular disease 4.43-fold.

Another study on women suggested that women sleeping less then 7 hours at night are more inclined to develop high blood pressure, coronary diseases and other medical conditions then men.

Recently, when working on mice, Japanese researchers succeeded to find link between body clock and cardiovascular disease They suggest that malfunction in circadian rhythm may be affecting biochemistry in the body and leading to developing of many health conditions and diseases.

The results of the study are published in the journal Nature Medicine and can be found online.

High blood pressure in turn is linked to heart attack, stroke, kidney damage, and many other medical problems.

There are many essential elements and even genes taking part in keeping the proper function of circadian clock or 24-clock of our body. In laboratory tests on mice in the university of Kyoto was found that lack of a pair of molecules called Crypto-chromes can seriously affect and cause to abnormalities in the circadian rhythm.

It turns out that the abnormalities in circadian rhythm lead to extremely high levels of Aldosterone (hormone that prompts water retention in the kidney) in the blood which in turn makes these mice to be more vulnerable to high blood pressure.

Professor Bryan Williams from the University of Leicester say: "We know that there is a strong correlation between time of day and cardiovascular events which often coincide with the early morning surge in blood pressure".

The results of the research show strong correlation between the body clock and hormone production in the body by regulating a gene playing a key role in production of Aldosterone.

Although, a similar gene was identified in humans the researchers suggest to carry out more study to determine if and how a misfiring body clock can cause to increased blood pressure in humans.

While an expert in hypertension at the University of Leicester professor Bryan Williams finds the study as "fascinating", professor Okamura suggested to wait a little bit to prove that the results of the research could prospect of new ways to treat hypertension in human.

"We know that there is a strong correlation between time of day and cardiovascular events, which often coincide with the early morning surge in blood pressure. So this does provide some insights into the mechanism that might underpin blood pressure deregulation in some people" added Okamura.

Professor Williams asked to wait till the research was accomplished saying: "Some people with high blood pressure were known to have high levels of Aldosterone. What we don't know is how common this mutation might be in human hypertension".

Also associate medical director at the British Heart Foundation, Professor Jeremy Pearson, thinks that there is more work required till the researcher's shed some light on the causes of Hypertension: "Hypertension is common, but the genes controlling blood pressure are not well understood. Their identification will help design better treatments for high blood pressure."

However, there is hope that this time the Japanese researchers have found the reason why do people suffer from hypertension, yet more research is needed before it becomes clear whether the findings of the study could be practiced in new effective treatments of Hypertension

When you think about water damage, pictures of flooded in areas, marked walls, distorted papers and things, shriveled carpets, and ceilings in walls and buildings come to mind. However, many people postpone water damage restoration carries because of it a bigger risk. Many damage restoration professionals give advice, water should be detached as soon as possible to prevent your things and buildings and other items from getting any type of damaged. Precisely, when this water has not removed on time, create problem not only our things but also to our health.

Standing water in flooded basements area can be a good source of producing mosquitoes and bacteria. These mosquitoes are a cause of malaria, encephalitis, dengue fever and much type of skin diseases. Water damage restoration prevents all this from generating their eggs, and thus, stops their number from rising. The danger bacteria E. coli found in standing water especially if human feces are near. A simple contact with dirty water can cause a diarrhea, headaches and abdominal pain. Crypto just like coli induces the symptoms as pain in stomach and infection in body. Giardia is another type of parasite that present in water with material. It is also very dangerous for human health. In this type of health issue, the person might experience weight loss.

Late water damage solution can also cause Shigellosis, very dangerous bacteria. Rat urine is the leading cause of Leptospirosis, an infection brought about by the bacteria Leptospira and its symptoms are general body depression, pain; and liver problem and renal failure. Bacteria tetanus is another water-related infection that directly affects family members via open injury. Hepatitis A is most common disease connected with staying water infection. Its symptoms are yellowing of the person's skin and eyes as well as tiredness with fever. Melioidosis disease exhibit skin sores, agitation, nuisance and puzzlement.

Water damage restoration is necessary for your health and save your family members from that type of problem and also save your building and important things. One important thing is to remove the water in time because it is very important to prevent to produce this type of bacteria

The Several Uses of 3G

3G is already embraced by thousands of individuals all around the globe. You can take advantage by assessing the various features and rates first. There are several tools and equipment that incorporate the features and functions of 3G. You may want to know the added uses when going roaming and the like. Here is some vital information on how 3G has spread to the biggest nations of the world, as well as placed itself in smaller areas too.

A New Level of Broadband

In the United Kingdom, the mobile network Three or 3 presents that 90% of the total population in the nation uses and applies 3G, not to mention 99% having the standard text and talk network which includes 2G, 2.5G and EDGE. As expected, you can get a minimum of 2 Mbit/s if you are stationary or only walking slowly. However, speeds will begin to fall as you gain more movement, such as riding a car running at average city speed.

3G networks in Great Britain will provide you several packages. The package can run up from 1.8 Mbit/s on networks like T-Mobile and increase up to the likes of 7.2 Mbit/s. This is the similar speed as a fixed line given a few hundred meters from the possible exchange in city areas of London that takes the entire concept as quick easy mobile broadband to a new and different level.


The packages offered by service providers may not be the same or sustained 7.2 Mbit/s. Typically, 3GB or 3072 megabytes that is included in a given plan can cost you anywhere between $25 to $50 each month. Three or 3 are offering 15GB at around $50 to $60 each month, or at half the price if you already have an existing plan with the company. Three will not provide headline speeds, however, as fast as the one provided by Vodafone.

3G is still considered as a baby, with high prices being expected due to the high fees for frequency licensing. The basic expenses of getting several teams of engineers to start a nationwide network and maintenance can be quite high. Canada, shows some of the biggest data access fees in the world available to subscribers. The absence of a data agreement with 1KB of data can be priced at $0.05, converting into $50 for every megabyte used on the GSM providers Rogers and Fido in Canada. The creation of a 4G network is under works, which is capable of providing speeds of up to 100 Mbit/s for mobile users and up to 1 Gbit/s when stationary.

For Security

3G provides you the bigger degree of security compared to 2G predecessors. It allows the UE to authenticate the network that it is connected to, the consumer can be certain that the network is the right one and not impersonated. 3G networks apply the KASUMI block crypto, aside from the older A5/1 stream cipher. Several serious weaknesses in the KASUMI cipher have been pointed out, however. End to end security is provided aside from the 3G network infrastructure security, when frameworks of applications like IMS are connected to, although this is not usually a property of 3G.


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